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*The Environment:

  • Charles Ballard is committed to preserving Ohio’s natural resources for the benefit of future generations and the wellness of everyone in our communities.


  • Charles Ballard believes our children deserve the right to a good education and the prosperity it offers, including…
  • Affordable loans for State, Community, and Technical College tuition.
  • Updating public school infrastructure across the state, replacing buildings where needed. 
  • Smaller class sizes to encourage personal development.
  • Support for year-round schools.
  • Guaranteed cost of living adjustments for faculty and staff.
  • Programs that motivate our children to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

*Affordable Health Care:

  • Charles demands an end to corporate healthcare greed and supports Medicare expansion while closing the financial voids challenging all of Ohio’s citizens.

*Economic Opportunities:

  • Charles Ballard supports State programs that encourage business and industry. Opportunities that offer more than a living wage and will position Ohio as the next Silicon Valley.

*Women’s Health Care Rights:

  • Charles believes that government has no business legislating health concerns between a woman and her doctors.  Women should have access to all medically approved procedures, and he would leave it up to each patient, their doctor, and their religious preference to choose a path that works for them without interference or harassment by the government.

*LGBTQ Rights:

  • Charles will never support or endorse any legislation that infringes on the rights of any citizen.

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